Joining KCMBA sections and committees is the best way to get involved in the local legal community.  Through involvement in KCMBA sections and committees, you can build stronger connections, enhance your leadership skills, and grow your reputation.  It provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues who understand the unique aspects of your practice area and who help you gain knowledge and insight on the latest developments in the law.

KCMBA has eight sections and more than 40 committees.  Practice area-specific committees meet to plan continuing education seminars, public service projects, and social events, as well as to discuss legal developments that are relevant to the area of practice.  With the exception of four independent committees, committees are overseen by one of the eight section presidents, who also provide a voice for those committees through representation on the KCMBA Board of Directors.  Section presidents and committee chairs are nominated and appointed by their peers for their demonstration of expertise and leadership ability and serve one-year terms. 

Join a section or committee, or click here for a form that can be emailed to KCMBA at [email protected].  Volunteer (or learn more about volunteering) for section and committee leadership positions at (816)474-4322 or [email protected].  

2024 Guide to Sections & Committees